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What are IC4 Rated Downlights?

IC4 rated downlights are specifically designed to be safe for use in direct contact with insulation material. The "IC" in IC4 stands for "Insulation Contact," indicating that the downlight has been tested and approved for use in direct contact with insulation material. These downlights have a special construction that creates a sealed barrier between the light fixture and the insulation to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of a fire.

Benefits of IC4 Rated Downlights

IC4 rated downlights provide numerous benefits for homeowners and builders. They are safe for use in direct contact with insulation material, which makes them ideal for use in energy-efficient homes and buildings. These downlights are designed to provide a thermal resistance of 0.25m2K/W or greater, which means that they can withstand the heat generated by the light source without causing a fire hazard.

How to Install IC4 Rated Downlights

When installing IC4 rated downlights, it is important to ensure that they are properly installed, and that any insulation material is kept away from the light source to prevent the risk of overheating. It is recommended to hire a professional electrician to install IC4 rated downlights to ensure that they are installed safely and correctly.

By using IC4 rated downlights, homeowners and builders can safely install energy-efficient lighting fixtures without compromising on safety. These downlights are a great option for those looking for safe and energy-efficient lighting solutions that meet the latest building codes and safety standards.

How to Ensure Electrical Safety when installing insulation

In Canberra, it is required that any electrical work related to insulation must be performed by a licensed electrician. This includes the installation, repair or replacement of insulation in areas where electrical wiring, light fittings or other electrical equipment are present.

The ACT Electrical Safety Act 1971 and the Electrical Safety (General) Regulations 2003 outline the licensing requirements for electrical work in the ACT. To perform electrical work related to insulation, a person must hold a valid electrical license issued by the ACT Planning and Land Authority.

The electrical license ensures that the person performing the work has the necessary training, knowledge and experience to do so safely and competently.

Cozy Insulation Canberra has a licensed electrician in its team to carry out these works.

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