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By partnering with our qualified insulation contractors, homeowners can experience the numerous benefits of granulated blow-in insulation. Improved comfort, lower energy expenses, and a more sustainable building environment are just some of the advantages that await you. Trust Cozy

Insulating Existing Walls for Improved Home Energy Efficiency

Insulating the walls of your existing home is a crucial consideration when considering that up to 40% of your home's heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls. Your exterior walls act as a protective barrier between your living space and external weather elements. By installing thermal insulation in your exterior walls, you can effectively create a barrier to prevent heat flow within your home.

Wall types

Brick Veneer

Timber Clad

Solid Besser Block

Insulating Existing Brick Veneer Walls: Improving Thermal Mass and Efficiency

Insulating existing brick veneer walls, which consist of a brick outer layer and timber or steel frame, is essential for improving thermal mass and efficiency. In summer, the external bricks can become hot and radiate heat late into the evening, while in the Canberra winter, they can remain cold and absorb valuable heat from your home. This makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home. By installing wall insulation, you can protect yourself from these temperature extremes and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

While reverse brick veneer construction, commonly used in Europe, with the brick on the inside and the timber frame on the outside, is generally more thermally efficient due to the internal thermal mass, it is still important to have good insulation to maintain optimal temperatures within your home.

Insulating Timber Framed Walls: Maintaining Optimal Comfort

Insulating timber framed walls is crucial for optimal home comfort due to their low mass construction. Plasterboard is a common interior wall lining in Australia and can also be used for insulation to enhance energy efficiency. Foil back gyprock was once commonly used in timber clad homes, but it is ineffective for insulation. Granulated blow in insulation can be used to insulate existing weatherboard homes.

Insulating Existing Besser Block Walls: Unique Requirements for Fire Safety and Moisture Control

In Canberra, many Besser block homes remain uninsulated. Cozy Insulation Canberra can easily install granulated insulation by blowing it into the stack formation of the blocks. Additionally, we offer sealing services to protect the outer layer of the block works with a waterproofing product to prevent water penetration.

How Insulation is Installed in Existing Walls: The Process Explained

Insulating Existing Brick Veneer walls: This involves injecting insulation material into the wall cavity from the roof or the wall of the property. This process fills the width of the wall frame, including any gaps around windows. If necessary, we remove bricks around the window area and inject the insulation material before carefully replacing the bricks and re-mortaring them into their original position.

Insulating Existing Weatherboard or Timber cladded walls? The removal of existing gyprock for insulation purposes can be costly for homeowners, which is why we avoid it. Instead, we use a careful method of coring holes into the gyprock material and pumping insulation into the voids between studs and noggings to fill the wall cavity. While this process may be labour-intensive, it results in a higher than standard R-rating required for Canberra’s cold winters and hot summers.

Enhance Energy Efficiency with Cozy Insulation Canberra's Granulated Blow-In Insulation

At Cozy Insulation Canberra, we specialise in providing top-quality insulation solutions to enhance the energy efficiency of new and existing homes. Our granulated blow-in insulation is a highly effective choice for improving thermal performance and creating a comfortable living environment.

Our blow-in insulation is crafted from mineral wool fibres, derived from natural and recycled materials like basalt rock and recycled steel slag. This eco-friendly composition ensures that our insulation not only benefits your property but also contributes to a sustainable future. It is non-combustible, safeguarding your building from fire risks, and offers exceptional resistance against moisture and pests.

The unique properties of our granulated blow-in insulation make it an ideal solution for insulating existing structures without the need for extensive renovations. Its loose-fill nature allows for efficient installation, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as roofs and wall cavities. Our team utilises specialised equipment to swiftly and effectively blow the insulation into even the smallest cavities, saving time, reducing labour costs, and minimising disruption to occupants.

Granulated blow-in insulation excels in thermal resistance, delivering outstanding energy efficiency even in spaces with limited cavity depth, such as roofs and walls. It remains steadfast against settling over time, ensuring long-term thermal performance that will endure for years to come. With our insulation, you can enjoy a consistently comfortable indoor environment while significantly reducing energy costs.

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